How PPC Impacts SEO

Before answering that question, let’s begin by understanding the differences of these two powerful internet marketing systems as well as the strategies they entail.


What is SEO?

SEO (1)SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It evolves fast and changes recurrently. SEO is free in a sense that if somebody clicks on your listing in a search result, you don’t pay anything. However, in order to get your site to show up in search results, it’s probably taking some work, knowledge and expertise. Moreover, you have to have a good site structure, unique content and quality links, and that doesn’t just happen naturally.

SEO increases its popularity online presence and website development became crucial to new and existing businesses. Many people, marketers, developers or entrepreneurs are asking, is SEO still pertinent nowadays?

If you’re just initially studying the SEO niche, you’ve probably been swamped with thousands of information and tips on the web. Part of that, you will likely discover how imperative it was to have a business website or online presence to be able to connect with people, be found by your customers and rank well in search engine results.


What is PPC?

pay-per-click-managing-a-mainstay-of-modern-marketingPPC stands for Pay Per Click and just like the name implies, PPC is a paid service where you have to pay each time somebody clicks your ads. Concisely, Pay Per Click advertising is more preferred than purchasing a full media contract where you’d pay a large amount of money just to have the opportunity to get your advert and your business in front of thousands of people.

Pay per click is when you get really specific about which keyword you want to be found for and then you create an advert that has those keywords in it so that whenever somebody is looking for that in Google, your ad will come up. So you’ll get your adverts up higher and higher and you’ll only pay when somebody actually clicks on your ads.

So rather than spending thousands of dollars in a full page ad, for example, you just spend a little penny each time somebody clicks on your advert. On the other side of that, you could choose to spend a bit higher if you’re bidding for a keyword which is extremely high value and very competitive. In this regard, your keyword research is going to be critical in making sure that your PPC is as successful as possible.


Evaluating PPC and SEO

SEO, in terms of processes and results, you can do a lot of work but your site may not see a significant jump in the search engines right away. Whereas with PPC, if you setup a campaign and as soon as approved by Google, which is sometimes can be as quick as a couple of minutes or a few hours, you can start running out immediately. So if you want to push out a new product and service, want to bring some more clients in your business, you can get pay per click up and running almost immediately and start seeing the results from that campaign.

What kind of influences the performance of each of this different internet marketing service? Search engine optimization counts the big three things that are influencing how a site ranks. The first factor is the structure of the site such as website codes, SEO-based layout, robots and all the technical aspects of it. The next thing is content. Does your website provide valuable content that visitors come to visit your site and find your web contents relevant? The more the visitors find the content valuable, the more Google going to rank your site higher in search engine. Last thing is links, the more people that link to your site, the more authoritative Google sees you.

Alternatively, all of these things don’t matter with PPC at all. In PPC, the three main things that Google look at is where to show your ad in the search engine results as part of the CTR (Click Through Rate). So if you have higher click-through rate, it’s going to be more likely to show up. Next is the landing page. How good the landing page of the ad takes you to? How well does your page matches the ad? Does it have all the best practices in place? Lastly, how much you are paying? If you are not paying enough, you’re not going to show up. The bid amount is so important.

How PPC Impacts SEO

Does PPC really have an impact with SEO? That’s an interesting question many online marketers think about. While there’s no straight answer to that question, many believe that there is a positive indirect relationship between the two in terms of improving traffic from paid and organic search. Coming from SEO project managers, managing directors and online marketing consultants, below we’ve gathered some of the informative insights about how PPC and SEO relate to each other in several aspects;

  1. As you raise your brand awareness through a PPC campaign, so as a huge impact in SEO.
  2. Using PPC on landing pages that people can look at can earn quality signals which also, have a significant effect on search engine optimization. It’s actually one of the best internet marketing approaches than trying to publish or distribute content that’s not acquiring conversion and relevant audiences.
  3. While Google tells you that paid and organic searches are completely different, they both have indirect advantages in terms of branding. The more brand mentions and trust you get, the better Google recognizes your worth.
  4. In SEO, even if your website reaches the first position in Google for certain keywords, it doesn’t guarantee highest conversion particularly if you are managing a very competitive niche. Your competitors can bid for best keywords to attract more people. It makes a lot of sense that maximizing your online visibility can be done through using terms that hits high quality traffic that converts.
  5. SEO and PPC are both beneficial in terms of chronological data and key points which you can implement both ways. Making both of their strategies aligned is essential to achieve the best possible outcome.

In a word, how PPC impacts SEO is depending on the subject matter. Looking at these two services side by side, the biggest factor is conversion and how they are valuable on their own way. Further, if you have good organic placement and you also have effective paid advertisement, it’s going to have a combined effect. Most companies hire an SEO consultant if they don’t have the capacity to handle PPC or SEO. If you want professional SEO help in your project we recommend Francisco Leon Toronto SEO Consultant.