In the battle of the most used platforms in the competitive world of digital marketing, it boils down to just two. Will you choose Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC)? This might be a funny cliché, but hey, the choice is yours.

Each has its own strengths and perks. And because there are always two sides of a coin, each has its own weaknesses and pits as well.

The key is to always know what your business needs and how you can meet them the most effective way possible. To know your company is to see what it is lacking and what needs to be improved. From there, you can weigh out the pros and cons of each platform and decide which path is yours for the taking.

Advantages of SEO

  • It does not cost as much as PPC. Sure, we can say it is not totally free. Doing it yourself is not a very ideal situation, as it could be quite overwhelming, and the process is not simple at all. Still, the truth that it costs a little cheaper than PPC is undeniable. It is a known fact, and is probably one of its main advantages.
  • It is organic traffic. The results you get from an SEO campaign are results from your user’s behavior. There is no need to pay for so much costs just to make sure your website’s ads appear at the top ranks and pages.
  • SEO concentrates on ranking that results to good traffic flow on a website. Because of this, the traffic gained on an SEO campaign is way ahead of the traffic from PPC. It is already a given advantage, and will work best for websites needing as much traffic as they can get.
  • Naturally, people tend to trust organic results than paid ads. Several studies have shown that even if sponsored ads powered by PPC are very strategically placed on a page, it is obvious that they are just there because it was paid. Unlike organic results that made their way to the top because of their relevant keywords and popularity among users.
  • In connection to organic results being clicked more, it also means that the click through rate you get for your website is great. When this is the case, the ranking you will achieve from search engines will make your online presence more astounding, that you will no longer need the option to resort to paid ads to promote your website.
  • SEO is a discipline that can work for a vast majority of businesses today. It is great for startups, as there is no need to spend much. It is also workable for growing businesses, since by that stage you already have a clear grasp of what your keywords are and it will be easier to set your SEO strategy.
  • When your website ranks highly in search engines’ organic results, there is an automatic notion that you publish great content and you are a popular choice. You will naturally gain more customers, as search engines almost automatically promote you when your website appear at the first few pages.

Advantages of PPC

  • Pay per click system generates paid results. From its name, you can already conclude that it costs more than SEO. While SEO will of course spend some money on expert strategies, it is undeniable that the cost PPC needs is way more. However, you can have comfort in knowing that you only pay for each click to the ad. Simply put, you pay for every traffic generated to your website.
  • It yields faster outcome. SEO is a long term project and campaign that needs intense study and hard work. It requires maintenance to keep its momentum when the ranking is good. In PPC, the results are driven by the price you pay. If your paid price is high, you are then sure to get the position in the page exactly how you want it, as long as your website publishes great and relevant content.
  • It is ideal for startups, since it will take much effort to make your brand a household name. When you start a website, you have to work on your online presence as much as you can, so as to create a good impression to your target market. Being new in the scene brings you at the far end of the results page, which reaches just a measly count of audience. PPC helps you get through that challenge easily.
  • PPC allows you website to be advertised in sites that are frequently visited by your target audience. You can have control on where your ads appear, which makes PPC a fully customizable campaign that you can tailor for your business’ objectives and goals.
  • PPC is a surefire way to get your traffic going. Make it your own brand awareness campaign. When done correctly, studies show that PPC brings about a great deal of return of investments in a shorter amount of time as compared to SEO.

The clincher in the tight battle between SEO and PPC is your business’ current stand on the web and what you think is needed to improve it. You can review your website to have a concrete idea of what it needs.

Do you think your website needs fast results on its traffic and sales? Or do you really believe that it is still cool and can settle for long term project on its online presence, such as SEO?

In the end, only you can decide which route to take. It takes consistent monitoring of online activity to know whether your website can work better utilizing any of the two.

Also, do not forget that you can adapt both. Why not get the best of both worlds?

There are companies that offer the advantages of PPC and SEO rolled into one campaign. That is a great way to get your website moving in a steadfast flow, and then you can be sure it will work better than it did before.

To be fair, it is not always a bad thing to pay for advertising your website. Think of it as your investment to improve your business and generate more sales. The return would not be long anyway.

SEO VS PPC: Knowing Which Is Right For Your Business

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