In the world of digital marketing, the quest for the perfect platform to use in marketing and brand awareness campaigns is a little overwhelming. You cannot just look at what your rivals are using and copy paste. That cannot guarantee that it will work the same way for your business. It could be the exact opposite.

There are so many choices you can choose from, and also a ton of decisive factors that must be considered well enough before you can finally arrive on a conclusion of which discipline could benefit your business the most.

Even with so many options, most e-commerce experts narrow down their search to a battle of two—that is search engine optimization (SEO) marketing and pay per click (PPC) system.

Both options are among the most widely used platforms, as both have proved their worth to a company’s online presence and popularity.

Any business has the objective of gaining popularity as much as they could, as it apparently paves way for more traffic on your website and more sales. A loyal following can also be expected if your marketing platform works properly in your company.

To know which platform provides you better value needs study and website review. You have to really know what your business is lacking and what needs should be met in an instant. It is not always just about how much you spend and how much you earn. The value we are looking for will always be a case to case basis. What is deemed valuable to a particular website may not be of value to another.

It is always best to look into your business and your target market. See what these two big marketing players can provide you and then go from there.

What can SEO provide your business?

  • It can save you a little budget than how you would spend on PPC. While it is not a completely free discipline, it does not require you to pay too much just to land on a good ranking in search engines’ results pages. It is a measly amount as compared to running paid ads to gain people’s attention on the web.
  • It is a long term solution. It is undeniable that SEO can never be such an overnight success. It could take months, or even years, before a website can be fully optimized in the sense of having a better ranking in results pages. It is ideal for businesses who are into expanding internationally, as international SEO is a huge thing now as well.
  • Several studies have shown that organic results driven from SEO marketing are trusted more than the ‘sponsored’ ones. Even if PPC results are more strategically placed in the results page—either at the top parts or the side bar, when people see they are ‘paid ads’, they will most likely still click the organic results placed in the middle, knowing that it is the content and relevance that placed them in there.
  • It can provide you a steadfast growth when it comes to your online presence. SEO can be workable even when you have a very tight budget.
  • You can also have the security of knowing how your business is really progressing because the ranking you get from SEO alone will reflect how users respond to your website. You know you got on the top ranks because of what your website can provide its visitors. 

What can PPC provide your business?

  • It can surely jumpstart your business website’s ranking. PPC can help if you are a startup company wanting to get on the rankings game stat. It can be hard to get on it when you are still just starting out on the website, as popularity and website age are both part of the criteria used in ranking.
  • Even if people are far more likely to click organic results other than the paid ones on the right, the same studies also showed that the conversion rates of PPC are ahead than that of SEO. People who go to your website from clicking PPC ads are more likely to convert, or buy, as compared to people who see your website from organic results.
  • The advertiser you pay for will optimize the text according to your preferred keywords. Given this fact, it is already an automatic effect that they get more end results, as the leads are converted and do not just stay as mere leads and website traffic.
  • The speedy results of PPC make it a smart choice to make your business known in such a short span of time. It is ideal for websites who have just started out in their online journey. It saves you the time, and if done properly, you get what you pay for.

Both platforms are great on their own. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons. It might be easy to say “just weigh out the pits and perks, and decide from there’, but sometimes the weighing out process can be tedious. Each website has a different need, and has different areas that have to be improved.

In deciding between SEO and PPC, it is not enough to see what your competitors use. Remember that digital marketing is so vast on its own, and that it is almost always a case to case basis. Review your business and really make an effort to be hands on to get a clearer grasp of how it works. This way, you will know best which is better and more beneficial.

The value of marketing is not found merely on the amount you spend and how much you gain in return. Value is not determined in an instant. It is a long term project in itself that has to be cultivated for it to keep benefiting your business in the long run.

Choose the one you need, and really focus on it. Do not be wary of the spending. Always see it as an investment to improving your business and making it well-known among your market. You need to have a wider perspective of business and how it should work so you have a better understanding. When you already do, then you know you will make a sound choice.


SEO VS PPC – Which Provides You The Better Value?

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