What-is-3-Difference-Factors-Between-SEO-and-PPCWhen choosing the platform you should use to promote your business and campaign for your products, it is important to review your business so you have a clearer grasp of what you need.

Your desired platform should match the needs of your company, and those two must really complement each other. You must not only rely on the budget you have, even if that is indeed a concern we must all try to consider as much. The thing is, it is our goals that must determine if it is SEO or PPC that is suitable for our company. SEO-mobile-search


What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. When you take it literally, it is simply the discipline of optimizing your website for it to be ranked better by Google, Bing, and other search engines. The search results driven by SEO are organic, which means they are not paid results.

SEO combines the power of fresh keywords, back links, and click through rates your website has, and then takes it from there. Search engines are smart by nature, using their own formula in ranking websites according to relevance and popularity.

While no search engines, not even Google, have revealed how they rate websites, they have been religiously updating their algorithm and also keep people informed about it. By these updates, SEO experts and business owners have spun their own ideas of how ranking is done on the web.

The number of links directed to your website is such a great deal, that it is now among the many SEO-related things companies have started investing on. Other than links, content and its keywords are also a huge chunk of the rankings game.

Since the birth of SEO and its many fundamentals, it has quickly built quite a big world on its own. There is so much to learn before one can say they have already mastered SEO and how it works. Surely, SEO can never be learned overnight. It can be a bit complicated and overwhelming, most especially for beginners in digital marketing.

SEO focuses on results that come naturally, through hard work that involves making your website more visible and enhancing its overall online presence. That is exactly why it takes so much effort to achieve optimum SEO results and outcomes.

What is PPC?

Quite the opposite of SEO, PPC stands for pay per click. You can obviously have an idea of what it is from its name. Unlike SEO where results are organic, PPC gets paid search results. It is also very widely used in the business to enhance a website’s online presence and popularity. Though SEO is still more preferred by a majority of websites, there are still some companies believing in the power of PPC to improve one’s website’s search engine ranking.

An advantage of PPC over SEO is its fixed position on the search engine pages. PPC results are usually on the top most and right most part. It is mostly labeled with the words “Sponsored Ads”, so people receive the fairness of knowing that the only reason it’s there is because it is paid.

However, the attention PPC results command our sight through their position is undeniable. They are always either at the top of at the sidebar, with organic results always appearing at the middle section of the page.

It may seem like PPC will be so costly, most especially for business startups. The thing is, it is a ‘pay per click’ system. You only pay for each click made to your ad. Indirectly, the more you pay on your PPC campaign, the higher traffic you generate.

Comparing SEO and PPC

  • SEO is free organic traffic. You gain good search engine ranking and appear on the first page of the results because your website has been successfully optimized. PPC, on the other hand, is paid traffic. Usually, the higher you pay for your ad, the better position it will have on the page.
  • There is no shortcut when it comes to SEO. You can pay for an expert to do the job for you, but it will surely not be an overnight success. It needs a lot of effort, as well as a ton of maintenance to keep the momentum going when it begins. In PPC, you can get the position you want in almost an instant, as long as the price you pay is right.
  • SEO and PPC both need thorough study and management to work seamlessly. It is not a task easily manageable, as there are a lot of factors that must be considered in operating both platforms. However, the right person can surely help you get through with the process.
  • In terms of results and how prompt they are, SEO is quite a longer term project than PPC. PPC gives faster results since the results are already there. Visibility is not a challenge anymore. On the other hand, SEO needs hard work before results come in. You have to optimize the website first before it gets good ranking on search engines, improves visibility, and generates more traffic.

SEO and PPC may be poles apart, but they are still sort of intertwined. They co-exist, as both their results can show in the same page of the same search engine.

The differences they have determine the kind of business that needs them. There are businesses that need fast results delivered by PPC. Never mind the cost, as long as they get prompt advancements in their website.

Meanwhile, there are also companies that can work on long term results, and really prefer the slow but sure method of generating traffic and sales.

Whichever you believe is better for your website, invest in it and really focus on it. It is not always enough that you pay for a company to work on your behalf. You should always try to make it a point to involve yourself in the process. Sometimes, we overlook the importance of being hands on to our jobs. When in fact, it should always be the case.

Know your business by heart—what makes it tick, what could be its downfall and how to avoid it, and what makes you better than your direct competitors. You will then know which between PPC and SEO is workable for you.

What Is The Difference Between SEO and PPC?

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